Get Organised

Set up a pro-life group on campus

Starting a pro life society in your college is a great way to promote the pro life message on campus. Look up your college’s policies on becoming an official society. Generally each college will have a society’s office from which they promote the societies. Check out their website or call into them to get an application form for making a new society.

Remember, each campus is different, as are each campus’s policies for becoming an officially recognised group. Check out your Student Activities, Student Life, or Student Union office for details on becoming officially recognised. They will be able to help you navigate through the society approval process.

You will need to think about the group’s mission statement – here is a sample one. Be sure you find out all of the requirements so you can become recognised as quickly as possible.

Once you have become set up you can start to host events and meetings. Students for Life have resources to help you with hosting events. On request we can provide training for you and your society members so you can stand up for life on campus confidently. We also can send out literature for flyers and leaflets to hand out on campus. We also offer legal and medical speakers who can speak at your official events.

Access resources 

Students for Life provide various resources to pro-life students on campuses across Ireland including literature, training and speakers. Find out more here about resources available to your group here.

Tips for your group

If you have an existing pro-life society or you are starting something new it is useful to get tips and advice from other groups. Here are a few tips for your group which we have found helpful for previous societies in the past.