Students for Life

“I am adopted. My birth mom didn’t have the means to take care of me. In order for me to have a better life, she left me in a blanket outside a government building hoping that I would be rescued by someone else. And in China, if you were a girl, you were either killed or sold into slavery. But for some reason, I wasn’t.

After being left out in the streets, I was moved by a mysterious stranger to the orphanage. And she watched me from across the street until she saw someone take me. To this day, I can look back and see God’s hand over my life. It truly was a miracle that I made it to the orphanage because I was very malnourished. My birth mother had had several abortions prior to giving birth to me. So my siblings didn’t make it and yet I was given a chance at this crazy, yet beautiful thing called life.

My birthmom taught me the true definition of love. Love for it to be real, has to be authentic, selfless, and radical. I believe in the dignity and right to life for every human being. I believe that all life is created by God and that no child’s life is an accident. I firmly believe that every life has a purpose and a job to do on this earth. That is why I’m pro life!”

– Lauren, supporter, Students for Life Ireland