Job Vacancy

Policy Officer and Student Coordinator


Part-Time: 15 hours per week (potentially 20 hours) 

Location: Remote Working

Open to: Both Local and International Candidates 

Salary: Negotiable – depending on skills and experience 

Start Date: September 2021 

Contract: 12 months

The Pro Life Campaign and Students for Life are seeking a dynamic and motivated
individual who will contribute to the strategic development of the pro-life movement
in Ireland via the roles of Policy Officer and Student Coordinator. This is an exciting
opportunity for a suitable candidate who is deeply committed to the pro-life cause.

The Pro Life Campaign is an Irish non-denominational human rights organisation,
drawing support from a large cross-section of Irish society. The PLC advocates for
the right to life at the highest level of national and international political structures, and
promotes pro-life education and defends human life at all stages, from conception to
natural death. The PLC also campaigns for resources to support and assist pregnant
women and those in need of healing after abortion.

Students for Life exists to support and encourage pro-life students on third-level
campuses around Ireland, aiming to assist them in becoming effective pro-life activists.
SFL aims to help students in educating and informing others about fundamental human
rights, specifically the right to life. SFL supports pregnant students and parents on
campus, and believes that no student should have to choose between education and
having a baby.