Students for Life

Why I’m Pro Life! – Maura

by Maura – 1 min read “I’m pro-life because I believe in the basic scientific truth that all human life begins at conception. When we understand this basic fact, it is even more horrifying to think about the celebrations that took place in 2018, when the most fundamental right, the right to life, was stripped […]

Why I’m Pro Life! – Ola

“I’m pro-life because the Right to Life is the first human right. Life is precious. We, as a society, need to protect the most vulnerable people within society by providing a more inclusive and supportive environment for mothers and their babies. We must highlight the supports for parents which currently exist, and fight for the […]

Why I’m Pro Life! – Angela

“I’m pro-life because I understand scientifically, life begins at conception and if morally we believe that every human being has dignity and value, then how could anyone not be pro-life?! We live in a society that fights for human rights and yet at the same time, it glorifies the killing of innocent human life through […]