Students for Life


My first and foremost reason for being pro-life is because I believe all human life is equally valuable from conception to death.

I often think about my siblings, friends, even celebrities or people I admire, and try to imagine what life would be like if any of them were never given a chance to walk the earth. Each of them, in different ways, shapes our lives. Each of these people were once a “clump of cells”.

Abortion fundamentally changes society. It breeds a culture that says the value of life is not innate and the right to life is not absolute. This invites dehumanisation. It becomes acceptable to end someone’s life because they have an illness or genetic anomaly, because when a particular group human beings are no longer valued simply by virtue of their humanity, their worth becomes dependent on other factors such as health status.

Another reason I oppose abortion is because it discriminates against the most vulnerable in society.
Many of us will be aware of the statistic that around 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted each year in England, with numbers nearing 100% in other European countries. Ireland has embraced this, and I find it so sad. I am privileged to know children who have Down’s Syndrome and they bring so much joy to those around them. Every person has unique qualities that enrich our lives and impact society for the better. It’s so important to value every human being no matter what their abilities.