Students for Life

Students for Life Ireland have today called for better support for people with disabilities on campus. Spokesperson for the group, 22-year-old Gavin Boyne, a student of Philosophy in Trinity College Dublin, said:

“On this International Day of Disabled Persons, we reflect on the many people in Ireland living with disabilities and the sheer joy they bring to our nation. As a pro-life student group we are acutely aware of the many difficulties facing people with disabilities in colleges across the country. Today Ireland’s Initial Report under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was published. A process of consultation now follows and we are encouraging all our supporters to survey their universities/ colleges to identify issues that need to be brought to the Minister’s attention”.

Mr Boyne continued: “These issues may range from a lack of financial support, physical issues with the structure of lecture halls – lack of ramps, etc. Students who have disabilities should be made feel welcome in college. This cannot happen until each building on campus is physically accessible to all students without distinction, otherwise students with disabilities will be excluded”.

“It is vital that any issues you notice in college are brought to Minister Anne Rabbitte TD’s attention. Perhaps you are a student with a disability yourself, of which there are many in Students for Life Ireland, and you may wish to make a submission.

The email address for submitting statements is Let’s make change!” concluded Mr Boyne.