Students for Life

I remember when studying biology, we were being taught about the development of the unborn child. On average a baby’s heartbeat starts at three weeks gestation and by four weeks facial features start to form, by week eight the nervous system is responsive and the following week the baby can swallow, yawn and suck her thumb!* The referendum might have passed, but these facts remain constant.

That is why in all circumstances I want to protect both mother and child from the violence of abortion.

Human rights are for humans, and the unborn child is a human. That’s science! Humanity is not determined by age, size or location, and neither are human rights. They are for everyone, without distinction of any kind.**

I vow to always protect, defend and respect life at all stages!


* Gestational Milestones from: Professor Stuart Campbell. Watch Me Grow! London: Carroll & Brown Ltd, 2004

** Universal Declaration of Human Rights adapted by the United Nations General Assembly.