Students for Life

I do not subscribe to the belief that abortion is healthcare. Nor will I be fed the lie that abortion is empowering to women. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. The pro-choice narrative tells women that you can’t get an education and have children at the same time. You can’t further your career and have a family at the same time. You can’t be successful and be a mother. Instead, you must choose.

You have to choose, but we’ll call it a right and tell you that you’re empowered.

Abortion allows the rest of society to say “You’re on your own” and sell it as bodily autonomy.

I don’t buy it.

Women like me who dare to question this narrative, who refuse to accept this choice, are told we’re brainwashed or that we’re doing a disservice to our gender. Because what kind of woman spends her life fighting against her rights, her bodily autonomy? Don’t I know that the women who went before us gave everything for me to enjoy these freedoms?

I do, and that is precisely why I will not give a single second of my time to a cause that seeks to exploit women, that seeks to make money from selling abortion to women at a vulnerable time. That is why I oppose abortion.

I reject a narrative that tells me that my life is over when a life inside of me begins. I reject the notion that a tiny heartbeat, just 22 days old, is a threat.
If society is to make room for women, it must make room for us in our entirety, including our motherhood.

As a pro-life woman, I refuse to be manipulated into silence. Time’s up for the abortion industry. They can no longer hide behind #ReproRights, choice or bodily autonomy. My generation will expose abortion for the violent and vehemently anti-woman institution that it is.