Students for Life

“In a world of women’s enpowerment and constant reminders that we are powerful and strong, I can’t help but feel proud yet conflicted as I learn of the many fierce and beautiful women in our modern society.

Because although I’m all for standing up for women, I find that beneath the empowering message of supporting us through and through, society still feels the need to pretend we’re weak and unable to handle any sort of challenge we may face.

For if a woman reveals she has an unplanned pregnancy, so often she is told that she isn’t strong enough to continue her life with her child in it.

That her dreams and achievements will never come to fruition with a baby weighing her down, that idea is one with which I passionately disagree with.

All my life I’ve been surrounded by and witnessed so many amazing women who have had their lives, not stolen, but enriched by their gorgeous children. These children grow up knowing that their mother is truly powerful, not because some actress from Hollywood or an Instagram influencer told her, but because the proof of her strength lives in her child”

Stephanie, Pearse College Dublin