Students for Life


I have always known that life is inherently good, and something that is temporary, and for that reason, valuable. I say that as one of the 7,000,000,000+ known human beings on this planet.

The lives entrusted to our care are not for us to take, but to support and cherish as an immeasurable gift. The infinite worth of human life and the necessity to care for it in every case is something I appreciate dearly, for life is free. It is our obligation to keep it safe as living creatures who share in this phenomenon and to ensure it is defended in every way possible, including legally.

We can and should be compassionate to those who come under the difficult cases of abortion, helping them to recover as we care for them, but let us also go out and be proactive in promoting causes that prevent the ‘need’ for abortion, supporting and caring for those who are experiencing difficulties, and promote a love of life we all want to experience, doing our utmost to show it wherever we can.