Students for Life

Being pro-life should not have negative connotations associated with it. It is a moral value that is worth its weight in gold and something to be very proud of. Some believe that those who stand up against abortion are not compassionate people, we are often stereotyped as being judgmental, forceful or even hateful. I know first-hand that this is not the truth.

Personally, I am lucky enough to have a circle of pro-life friends around me who are full of compassion, love, care, kindness and a sheer determination to share the truth about abortion. These amazing people are driven utterly by one simple fact: they know deep in their hearts that no matter how you dress it up, abortion always ends the life of an innocent, beautiful, unique child and it does not empower women. I believe everybody deserves a chance at life, regardless of gender, ability, age, etc. That’s why I’m pro-life!