Students for Life

  • Training
Building a culture of life on campus requires courage, passion and confidence. You need to know your facts about the pro-life issue to speak with confidence on it. Students for Life Ireland can provide training for society members as requested on all pro-life topics. We will travel to your college to help you grow in knowledge and understanding of the key issues. We will train you on how best to articulate the pro-life message on campus in a balanced, compassionate and confident way.
  • Literature
Handing out literature on campus is the best way to keep your fellow students up to date on the pro-life issue. The leaflets can help to inform your fellow students on the issue and encourage them to take a closer look at one of the biggest human rights violations of our time. Students for Life Ireland have leaflets and literature available to you for your use on campus. We will help you to design posters, flyers and leaflets to hand out on campus. Please contact us if you want to avail of these services.
  • Speakers
If your Life society would like to hold an event we can help source and provide speakers on the issue. Students for Life Ireland have medical and legal speakers willing to talk on a wide range of topics. Hosting a talk is a great way to inform and inspire your society members and the wider student public on pro-life issues. It is always a great way to meet new people of similar interests and potentially encouraging them to join the society to help build a culture of life on campus.