Students for Life

I am pro-life and proud because I believe in the fundamental right to life.

I am not pro-life because of my religious beliefs.

I am pro-life because abortion is a grave human rights violation.

Taking the life of a human being is never the right thing to do.

I am pro-life because there is always a better option than abortion.

I have the right to life and that right does not depend on the circumstances of my conception, my health status or my family’s financial situation. To suggest so would be widely condemned as inhumane, arbitrary and ludicrous. Why should it be different for the child in the womb?

If I am worth something now, I was worth something then.

Somewhere along the line, abortion became synonymous with compassion.

But it’s hard to see where the compassion is when our Government rejects pain relief for babies who are victims of late-term abortions. It is considered cruel and unusual punishment to deny Death Row inmates pain relief before they are injected with a lethal dose of sodium thiopental, but we do it to children in the womb and call it compassion. Animals are treated better by the law.*


I am pro-life because I know the real meaning of compassion, and I extend it to the most vulnerable members of society.

I am pro-life because I have seen the innocence in a baby’s eyes and the vulnerability of their early years.

I am pro-life because these babies have no voice of their own.

I am pro-life because that child could have been any one of us.

I am pro-life for so many reasons, but I am proud to be pro-life because I know that I am on the right side of history.

*Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013, Section 17. (