Students for Life

Students for Life Ireland, a national pro-life student group, have heavily criticised NUI Galway’s move to increase the weekly fees for the college Crèche from €174 to €220 in recent days. Spokesperson for the group, 21-year-old Luke Power, a member of the NUIG Life Society, said:

“It is absolutely disgraceful that in the midst of a global pandemic which is causing a huge amount of stress for students across the country, my university has made the decision to increase fees for the crèche service provided. Students for Life Ireland are committed to creating a more parent-friendly campus and a more welcoming society for women and their babies born and unborn. Unfortunately, it seems that students facing unplanned pregnancies in Ireland are being forced to choose between the life of their child and their education. This is not good enough. We’ve seen a 70% increase in the abortion rate in Ireland this past year alone and while Minister Harris may let on that he’s a champion of women’s rights and that repealing the Eighth Amendment has made Ireland a better place for women, it’s abundantly clear that his government is failing women and children in our country”.

Mr Power continued: “Under the new government, Simon Harris is the Minister for Higher Education. Students for Life Ireland have today written to him and asked him to ensure that students who choose life for their babies instead of abortion are not saddled with extra costs for on-campus childcare and potentially forced out of education as a result. Mothers and fathers of young children who choose to continue with their education should be facilitated in every way possible, not only in NUI Galway but on campuses all across the country. Pro-life students will oppose this move by NUIG vehemently; it is an unacceptable and inexcusable decision, especially at a time when so many students and families are struggling with the ever-increasing costs of higher education and the added financial difficulties arising during the current pandemic,” concluded Mr Power.