Students for Life

  • Get others involved

    While you have more than likely identified a core group of people to help set up the society it is a good idea to spread your wings and recruit some new members. The college’s societies office will help you with promotion on their website but you also can do some yourself.

  • Have a stand on campus during the “Clubs and Societies week” – this is a great opportunity to have meet fellow students and give out information about what you do and your plans for the year to come.
  • Set up a website for your society to keep students informed about events.
  • Set up a Twitter and Facebook page.

For more help with recruiting and retaining members contact us.

  • Inform

Use every avenue to inform others on campus about life issues. Host information meetings, facilitate speakers who can educate on legal and medical matters, hold weekly information stands where permitted on campus. Run information campaigns on specific life issues (via posters, leaflets and online)

  • Broaden your mandate

As well as dealing with the abortion issue, get involved in other life-affirming projects. Fundraise for facilities for students parents on campus, Life Pregnancy Care or local disability groups

  • Delegate

Your group should not be relying on two or three people to do all the work. College societies usually consist of a core committee, ask people who you know are pro-life to get involved and spread the workload by delegating responsibilities.

  • Be visible on campus

In order to attract more members and to further spread your message, people need to know that you exist! Flyer campus on a regular basis with meeting details, educational information, or event information. Set up a stand once a week on campus to share information about your group and about the pro-life cause.

  • Communicate

Use social media to keep your members and the college community aware of what you are doing. Use Facebook, Twitter Instagram and YouTube to share event information, videos and pictures.