Students for Life

“Social media is an important tool in human rights campaigns”

Students for Life Ireland, a pro-life student group, has criticised the censorship of pro-life people on social media in recent weeks. Spokesperson for the group, Serena Lazarus, a student of Medicine in NUI Galway said: “In recent weeks it appears the international pro-life movement has been targeted by social media companies, with the sudden deleting […]

“Now more than ever we need to up our efforts at protecting the vulnerable”

“My name is Miriam, I’m a 22-year-old volunteer with Students for Life Ireland, currently studying nursing in UCD. These are uncertain and frightening times. In the work that I do, as a student nurse, I see the devastating effects of this pandemic on a near daily basis. It’s important at this time to stay safe. […]

“Ireland must use UN seat to highlight China Human Rights abuses”

Students for Life Ireland, a pro-life student group, has hit out at a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in the USA, and says that Ireland must use its influential position in the UN to tackle the Human Rights abuses by the Chinese government against the Uyghur Muslim population. Spokesperson for the group, 20-year-old Peter, a […]