Students for Life

Medical students dreading the future upon reading recent abortion report

Students for Life Ireland, a pro-life student group, have revealed that medical students in Ireland are fearful for what careers might hold in light of the recently published paper relating to abortion in Ireland. Spokesperson for the group Clara Terren Hogan, a student of medicine in NUI Galway, said: “As a medical student I am […]

Emmerdale Down’s Syndrome abortion story line inappropriate in 2020

Students for Life Ireland have hit out at Emmerdale’s inappropriate storyline involving an abortion on the grounds of disability. Spokesperson for the group, Leanne Lynch, said: “This controversy warrants serious discussion. The storyline in Emmerdale suggests that unborn babies with Down’s Syndrome should be aborted. This is an ableist and unacceptable message. We all know […]

A pro-life student’s views on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

“As a young person, as a student, as a pro-life feminist and as a woman, I have watched the debates surrounding the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the USA. To an extent the debate sickened me, and part of me wondered why we’re even having such a debate. The debate, […]

Young people represent group most opposed to euthanasia

Students for Life Ireland have today confirmed their opposition to the euthanasia Bill currently before the Dáil. Spokesperson for the group, Clara Terren Hogan, a Medical Student in NUI Galway, said: “An Amarach Research Opinion poll commissioned by RTE’s Claire Byrne Show last year revealed that those aged between 18 and 24 years are the […]

It’s Time To End Telemedicine Abortions

Students for Life Ireland, a pro-life student group, have called on Health Minister Stephen Donnelly to end the practice of home abortions. It comes after news from the UK of two deaths associated with ‘DIY’ abortions. Spokesperson for the group Gavin Boyne said: “In recent months leaked documents from the NHS have revealed that two women […]

Students for Life Ireland slam NUI Galway move to increase weekly childcare fees

Students for Life Ireland, a national pro-life student group, have heavily criticised NUI Galway’s move to increase the weekly fees for the college Crèche from €174 to €220 in recent days. Spokesperson for the group, 21-year-old Luke Power, a member of the NUIG Life Society, said: “It is absolutely disgraceful that in the midst of […]